Alison for Naperville Parks

After losing my management job due to cut backs from Covid-19, I was motivated to find a local government position where I could make a difference on the ground level. I felt I could truly make a difference on the Naperville Park District Board, and I could enact change in my own city. I felt women’s voices in particular were underrepresented, and I hope to change that.


As a child growing up in Naperville, and now a mother of young children, I have relied on the park district facilities and programs to be both relevant and affordable. I hope to make a difference on the local level and make sure the voices of young parents across Naperville are heard and represented on the park district board.


I want to ensure all Naperville residents have the same opportunities to take advantage of high quality and accessible programming.  Even with two parents working, I know it was difficult to afford preschool programming for our children. Expanding scholarship programs to aid residents that might not be able to afford park district services will be a high priority for me. In addition, comparing our pricing to surrounding suburbs will help us stay affordable for residents.


I will make sure budgets are spent responsibly and with the best interests of Naperville citizens. Time, money and park district resources will be spent on improving the lives of Naperville citizens. Programing will be inclusive and reflective of our large and diverse city. I believe the function of the park district is to bring people together, and the best way to do that is to represent the culturally diverse population. I also want to see more programming with neurodiversity in mind. I have seen programs like this that especially benefit our youth in bringing both typical and neurodiverse learners together.


 I want to make our parks the destination of our city, and update them with environmental sustainability in mind. Naperville will continue to lead other cities in environmental stewardship, and I believe we have the resources and motivation to do so through the Naperville Park District.


You can find me on Facebook, and coming soon at


I’m excited to hit the ground running when elected to the Naperville Park District Board.


Naperville Central Class of 2003

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Class of 2007


  • Former manager  of 40+

  • Small business owner

  • Chaos coordinator of 2 busy children


  • Home and School Chairperson


  • Lifelong participant in park district activites

  • Magical Starlight Director/Costumer/Make up Artist/Stage manager/Actor